What is Luxmi Token

Powered by Binance Smart Chain

Luxmi is a Community-Driven & Decentralized, Luxury DeFi BEP20 utility Token with Automatic Rewards for Holders from each transaction. Additionally It is smartly configured in such a way that as the value of Luxmi Token increases, its liquidity increases as well while all Luxmi Token holders receive rewards right in their wallet!

Community Driven

LUXMI is decentralized and governed by its vibrant, supportive, and amazing community members. Our team and community volunteers welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to help build LUXMI into one of the best decentralized communities in the crypto world.


LP Acquisition

LUXMI Token features a 5 % of each transaction goes in to self-sustaining liquidity pool that sucks up tokens from transactions in the form of fees and adds them to LUXMI liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. This adds a solid price floor for the token. It also penalises selling activities, thereby discouraging whales from dumping the token in the markets.


5% of each transaction is redistributed to token holders For every active user transaction, 5% LUXMI Rewards are granted to holders' proportional to the amount of tokens currently held. Simply Hold LUXMI token and watch your holdings continuously increase in real time.



Luxmi Token is powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and enjoys the best security and safety protocols that crypto technology has to offer.

Luxmi Token


We are not a MEME Token, we have launched LUXMI with a purpose and utility. Our Development team is continuously exploring the further aspects. We are 100% dedicated and committed to getting this project successful and to change lives of individuals with big dreams with blessing of Maa LUXMI.
LUXMI is a never-ending fruitful journey. LUXMI has a long-term vision and by reviewing the RoadMap below, LUXMI’s objectives are as clear, as they are necessary. Welcome to the Wonderful World of LUXMI!
Why Moon if the dreams can be fullfilled on Earth with LUXMI TOKEN.


Projects Of Luxmi Token

Why one should use and invest in Luxmi token? What makes it so special.

NFT Marketplace

NFTs started as a tool to grant ownership rights to digital assets has created a huge sensational market that keeps growing. Luxmi NFT will be a Decentralized Community Driven NFT marketplace to completely revolutionize the NFT sector, powered by Luxmi token. Concept LUXMI NFT is a visionary idea of an online 2D and 3D digital ART platform where absolutely all the things controlled by the users of the platform. LUXMI NFT marketplace, bringing artists and art lovers under one virtual roof. Create, buy and sell NFTs with ease on our user-friendly platform. Interact with members of the NFT community and share your favorite NFTs and ideas. Upload and sell your Digital artworks as NFts with our simple drag and drop option with very low Transaction


LUXMI Crypto Education Apps

Create a platform that is simple a free resource that provides open-access, high-quality crypto education to the world.

Our mission at LUXMI is to empower the individual through cryptocurrency and we believe that journey begins with knowledge. We know that the lack of knowledge about cryptocurrency is one of the main barriers to entry in cryptocurrency market— which is where LUXMI Crypto education APPS can help.

LUXMI caters to all levels of knowledge and interest — from the crypto-curious to the crypto-native. You can get started with the basics of Bitcoin, take a deep dive into the big projects in DeFi, trading and investing concepts, learn everything about Cryptocurrency to keep your money safe.

LUXMI Apps is also a platform for crypto experts to share their knowledge with the world.

Luxmi DEX

It is a Decentralized Exchange that is similar to Pancakeswap. it  runs on Binance Smart Chain. It will be a decentralized exchange that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens without a centralized middleman, by keeping custody of your tokens all the while.

It is built on automated Smart Contract deployed on Binance Smart Chain, the blockchain platform run by crypto exchange Binance.You will be in control, Always!

LUXMI DEX will offer additional DeFi features such as:

  • BSC BEP20 token swap.
  • Liquidity Provision and Rewards.
  • Automated Market Making.
  • Yield Farming.



LUXMI GOLD COINS: The easiest way to buy 24K pure gold LUXMI COINS online.

A digital platform that allows you to buy and take delivery of 24k physical  LUXMI Gold Coin from our Website in near future. Get 24K LUXMI Gold Coin delivered to your doorstep. Pay for LUXMI gold coins either with LUXMI Tokens or in any other Fiat currencies, 24K Pure Gold Quality Guaranteed , 100% Secure with Delivery Insurance, Best Prices in the market. Order Tracking & Support.

Charity Donations

LUXMI is more than just a personal financial opportunity It’s the blessing of Maa LUXMI and it aims to not only help the world but inspire competitors to really look to placing wealth where it matters the most.



Tax distribution

Every Luxmi Token transaction has a 15% automatic tax The transaction is smartly distributed to achieve optimum balance between volatility management, returns and growth.

Marketing Budget Allocation: 5% of each transaction is held as marketing budget to correct market volatility or increase growth rate by marketing.

Reflection: 5% of each transaction is redistributed to token holders. That means you can earn more coins by just holding them in your wallet.
Note: Centralized exchanges /wallets may not apply tokenomics.

LP Acquisition: 5% of every transaction contributes toward automatically generating liquidity. Auto-growing Liquidity with each trade, the underlying liquidity automatically grows. This means a stronger token, and less volatility.

Token Stats

Token Distribution


Token Name: LUXMI

Token Symbol: LXM

Network Type: BEP20

Contract Address: 0x5df2434ad0a7fc9c1e5911834636747e357f22a0

Total supply: 51,000,000,000 (51 Billion)

Dev & Team: 5% of total supply

Marketing & Product Development: 5% of total supply

Manual Burn: 5% of total supply

Charity Wallet: 10% of total supply

Donation to CEO of Binance Smart Chain: 5% of total supply

Presale: 10% of total supply

Public Sale (DxSale): 40% of total supply

CEX sale: 20% of total supply



Phase 1
Creation of Team
R&D in blockchain networks,
Cefi, Defi and Security
Verified Smart Contract Creation
Publish Whitepaper
Live Now
Phase 2
Website Launch
Build a strong social media network
Listing on pancakeswap
Liquidity locked
Update logo BSC scan
Phase 3
Apply for CoinGecko
Apply for CoinMarketCap
Marketing on Social Media
First Audit
Advertising on Crypto Sites
Focus on promoting a strong community
Second Audit
Phase 4
Exchange listing
Expand Dev and Admin team
Luxmi Swap dex
Website Redesign
Phase 5
Luxmi Crypto Education app
Promotion & Campaigning
Commence strategic planning of app Development
Further increase social media presence and marketing
Phase 6
Release NFT market place, NFT collection
Promotion and Campaigning event
Further develop creative means to giveback to communities and charities
Phase 7
Marketing Partnerships
Full-time Social Media Marketing Team
Partnership e-commerce platforms

Our Mission

Luxmi Token Operate as a community-focused and community driven digital asset, fully decentralized in every sense of the word.
"We aspire to Convert Every Wallet in Crypto Wallet".